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Chilli is an unusual bridge bidding system that started as an exercise in minimalism, and then evolved over more than ten years into a competent tournament-level system. Its intention is to reach a good compromise between simplicity and efficiency and to enable its users to focus on evaluation, not memory.

The book

Chilli is fully described in the book What Can Possibly Go Wrong? published in April 2012, the details of which are here. This website provides a summary definition of the system defined in the books. There is also a page of amendments to the book that corrects typos and clarifies ambiguities.

New ideas

This website also contains the distillation of new and alternative ideas being developed or tested within Chilli, such as the technically cunning shunt schema that is not in the book system but that has attracted attention in its own right. Many of these ideas have started from discussion on the Chilli bidding blog.

How to use this website

To read the complete system summary, start at the beginning with the fundamentals. In the text, you can hover over words like definitions to see a brief explanation. There is a complete summary of the notation and terminology used in the glossary.

Alan Williams, May 2012

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